Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sewing....sewing....sewing.... Trying to do a bunch of pillowcase top/dresses for the summer market here. I want to do a whole upcycled theme this year. I want to do some furniture, pet beds, clothing,bags, dolls,..... It's a wee bit ambitious but oh so much fun! And since I can't do one thing of each I'm feeling a wee bit overwhelmed but I'll get it done! The biggest thing, and a handy tip, is putting a sticky not on each project recording the price and the time spent creating each item. This way I'm not scrambling to remember, plus it is handy to bring to market on big ticket items for the more frugal shoppers.... It's a lot more polite then Saying "Well I'm glad you can make it yourself, after you stole my idea"... Yeah I have a short fuse...lol...

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