Monday, December 31, 2012

2012- An amazing year for me

Wow...I can't believe it's over! This year has marked the biggest year in my crafting business.
In 2012 I've:
-Quit my day job to pursue my business full time
-launched my YouTube
-launched this blog
-closed down my uptown studio
-Mike built me a brand new studio at our house
-had a pair of earrings worn to the NYC premiere of The Avengers by a Marvel writers date
-was lucky enough to be chosen to be in The MADE fair...twice!
-had items I made blogged by others
-bought some sewing
-met some amazing people, while trimming away some selfish negative ones
-learned to laugh at my mistakes and embrace my inner artist

I would not be where I am today without my loving family and you. You've welcomed my madness into your lives and I can not thank you enough for it.

So here's to 2013! I can not wait to see what this year has waiting for me!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I need to make room and Christmas is around the corner!

I need room on my giant earring display..... It's too crowded. So I'm giving away 2 sets of 6 feather earrings.
We'll call them set 1 and 2....
How do you win them?
Well it's fairly simple..... It's going to be a scavenger hunt of sorts....
Go to my Etsy shop
And try and guess what item is the top viewed item for today.
Here's what you'll do
1. Hit "Like" on the item so it posts to your Facebook page or copy and paste it if you don't have an Etsy account.
2. Tag Twisted Crafts Fanpage in the comments of said item so I know you did it.
3. Come over here and leave a post with your name and answer. And be specific...and if you're afraid to be specific, copy and paste it in the comments with your name. This way I know who guessed it first!
If you've guessed the first or second item the earrings are yours! You can only win one set!
That's it. You'll win 6 pairs of earrings free! And I'll ship them tomorrow so you can hopefully have them by Christmas.
I'm taking the screen shot now, so I won't forget....and you'll know I didn't cheat!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Craft Show Fun With Twisted Crafts

Now that we're home and unloaded from The MADE Holiday Bazaar yesterday I want to share some experiences that you may or may not find amusing and informative.
1. I am by no means a morning person. I verge on a wee bit cranky, and big shows make me nervous. So when I walked up to my booth to set up and realized my booth spot was 1/2 of what it was supposed to be. I did a whole panic thing, which set Mike off to go find somebody to fix it. The lady in the booth next to me was attempting to soothe me "Oh, is your booth to small?" and "Is in not as big as you thought?". She had no idea that Mike went to go get help.
When one of the sweet gals that run the show came to assist me, we found our problem. My "Soother" was 1/2 way in my booth! The floor was taped off and she thought that her spot was too small and went over the tape..... A lot!...... She wasn't too happy when I made her move to the tape line.

2. When you can't see the entrance to the show and the people running the show yell "5 minute warning". Take heed. I was fighting with stuffie placement when I turned to see the giant wave of people running in the room I was in. It looked like a Black Friday mob. I was a little caught off guard.

3. People love to take pictures, I don't even think twice. I know that some are taking the pictures to copy my ideas. I'm not stupid, it happens. But the women with the professional camera and set up probably wasn't. And I really should have paused while helping a customer to ask why she was..... When I turned to ask, she was gone.

4. Did I mention how packed and crowded it was? I really should have scoped out the restrooms before hand. Trying to get through a crowd after having 4 cups of coffee and a bottle of water was unpleasant. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking I might have been doing the "Potty Dance" when I reached it.

5. I've got to tell you... Craft Shows that have a wait staff coming to your booth to take your lunch order is freaking amazing.

6. Being able to take credit card sales now is awesome. Sometimes the card reader on my phone is a wee bit particular. It tells me to "Swipe Faster", I wish it came with a net to catch the cards that fling out of my hand when I comply.

7. I thought I had stepped up my display....Dude..... I'm still not there. There were people with antique dining room tables, bookcases, WALLS! Seriously WALLs! I still have a ways to go.

8. If you're going to shoot me dirty looks from you're booth I am going to smile, point it out to my hubby, and we are going to mock you...and laugh...and laugh. Hey, I'm a bitch and you're crate corner was in my space and we kept bumping it. So Mike "helped" you keep it in your spot. Believe it or not, that was the other side of me.

9. We borrowed my mom's collapsable dolly/hand cart thingie. She ain't ever getting that back! Those are sweet! You should so get one.

10. Lastly... I really should have kept better track of what I sold that is currently in my Etsy. I now have to take inventory before I open my shop....I hate inventory...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jewelry Displays on the Cheap!

I really needed new displays for an upcoming show, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money. What better way to save money y=then at the Dollar Store!
Here's the tutorial for both displays

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh what have I gotten myself into now!

So I was playing around with the idea of painting purses..... Now I'm addicted! These will be going up on the Etsy for $45...soooooon.... Plus they'll be at the MADE fair...with an early bird special maybe?

Friday, November 2, 2012

How to find craft shows to sell your goods at

Crafters can be so secretive about craft shows, it drives me crazy!
Because we are a military family we move every 3 years. And every move I go searching for craft shows to sell at. I've tried asking fellow crafters about shows in the area and usually I get the silent treatment. I was doing a show once and to craft vendors were talking about some great show they were going to do right in front of my booth. So I asked about it.... They looked at me and walked away! I wasn't surprised, but a little angry. I saw their booths, we didn't even sell the same things! But that's the way it goes... You are competition and they don't want you there....period.
So after years of dealing with this nonsense I came up with my own strategy for finding shows.
Here it is!

1. If you have an Etsy, try joining a local team. I joined the Montana Team, that's how I found out about the MADE fair in Missoula.
2. Craigslist- Arts and Crafts for sale section, not the Craft discussion area. A lot of times your churches and schools that do craft shows will look for vendors there. Fellow crafters may not want you there, but the people running the shows do!
3. Craft stores. Best to ask an employee when it's kinda slow in the store. Sometimes it's a hit or miss...
4. Newspaper classifieds online. I would look for "Vendors" on the search.
5. Look for Farmer's Markets in your area. A lot of them allow Handmade crafts.
6. has a section called "City Happenings". Love that section! That's where I found a lot of shows when we were stationed in Florida

I hope this helps and you can find some leads to shows.
If you run a craft show or know of craft shows in your area with contact info message me on Facebook and I'll share the info!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Collecting Skulls, Repurposing Jewelry, MADE fair,.....

I'm waiting for the people with the straight jackets to come knocking on my door....
I was asked if I was interested in doing Painted European Mounts. I had never thought about it before, ever. So I'm hitting up all the local hunters I know for their heads.... My neighbors are going to hate me.... I have to clean and boil them outside....if I can do it....
I don't normally sell a lot of conventional jewelry at shows...but I do have a lot of the pieces. So right now I'm currently trying to use as much as I can of my jewelry stash.... I also picked up some owls to make some necklaces from....Owls=Awesome
MADE fair... I am so excited! I'm going to be making some new displays so keep your eye out for some video tuts...I hope. I currently have no where to film, but we're working on that!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

So sweet!

I love when people do write ups on my work and don't ask for anything at all. I found this by accident.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Filled out my MADE application, so send me some positive vibes

Getting accepted into big craft shows always makes me nervous....I'm not the type of person that likes putting my art out to be judged. I never think it's good enough and I always second guess my choices. So now I'll wait till October's not even September yet. Yikes.
Hopefully I'll get in because I would love an excuse to make a holiday dress for my new manniquin!
She's a 70's mannequin I did a repaint on...her name is.............Bitch Pudding!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

One of the things that makes me Twisted Crafts.... the fact that I don't box myself into one genre or medium. I sew, paint, sculpt, woodwork, make jewelry,.... and in every genre Steampunk, Gothic, Rockabilly, Traditional,....
Here's some of my newest pieces....and I'm not going to lie. I love them! If I do say so myself.
I made these from antique wood and antique hardware salvaged from homes and furniture found here in Butte. I used boiled Linseed oil to preserve the wood but not change it in anyway. I left the paint and finish on as much as I could.
 I did use some new elements like hooks and upholstery tacks, but the leather itself for the sunglasses holders is salvaged too....just not old.
These will all be available at the Butte's Farmer's Market on August 18th!
The pics...well...the pics got a little funky sometime and I have no idea why. Oh well.
Look at this beautiful old hook!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ditched the kids and visited a ghost town with my hubby

 Mike and I decided to take a day for ourselves and go visit the ghost town Bannack, Montana.


Bannack is a different kind of ghost town..... you don't have guided tours and you don't have restrictions. It's a "Go do what you want" kind of place... what that means is you get to look at all the old buildings at your own pace with no restrictions.
We also managed to get there during Bannack days so there was shopping too!
A little to pricey for slippers for me....But they were so soft!
Mike was running around looking at all the attractions...What's the point of having actors in a ghost town if you don't have a shoot out on Main St.
Me I was more interested in the architecture

The day ended with the jail
and me locking Mike in there
Then a quick stop and the cemetary right outside the town

Friday, July 6, 2012

Why I'll never be a Storage Wars Mogul

So as many of you know I bought a storage unit straight up, no auction.
I had tried an auction before before but I was totally unprepared for the prices. Not one sold for under $1,000! I don't mind gambling but no way that was going to happen.
I saw this unit up for sale on craigslist and figured I'd give it a shot. $100 and he let me look in there.... But not open anything. When I jumped on it I thought for sure that my husband was going to die.
This was a 10X13 unit filled with.... everything. I saw money, my husband realized his garage was gone... And it is... for now....temporarily... I hope.
The guy who owned the unit was into wood and furniture repair. And collecting every nut and screw he could find. This unit was like a onion, I kept peeling back layer after layer and finding the strangest stuff. Thank God the guy gave us 5 days instead the usual 24 hrs. It's day 4 and we've(my son and I) moved all the good stuff to the garage, made 6 trips to the dump, and we have 2 more trips to go ...tomorrow.
So here's some pics of my finds... and my poor husbands 2 story 2 car garage that I've taken over. Next step try and figure out some of these things, clean them, and Etsy some upcycle the rest... But not tonight.... Tonight mango margaritas are calling my name