Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dollar Store Hat Makeover

With just $2 you can make this really cute hat!
Here's the YouTube video tutorial!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Making everything old new again...then old again?

Seriously how crazy is this. 
You acquire something old and worn down
Clean it and restore it
Paint it and make it look like new
Then take a sander to it to age it again?
But man do I love the look.
Take this heavy wood display thingie I found
It appears to have been a display... I think. Maybe for knick-knacks? But I like it because it was a good solid piece. And then it sat in my studio...then my jeep....then my shop...then in my jeep...then back in my studio...then back to my shop. Why? Because I couldn't figure out what to do with it!
And then it hit me...
Technically I hit it...with a hammer! I knocked out the back, which was particle board. 
I sanded it, painted it brown again, and then sanded it down again.... 
Added legs and made a cushion from some foam and a old burlap coffee sack I had.
And what did I make?
What do you think?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why can't I keep my studio clean!

It's bad enough that I'm hoarding furniture and supplies for my new shop....but I can't even see my desk anymore! I'm currently working in my living room. Ugh!
Einstein said “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”
I don't think that applies to me....

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teenage Girl's Room Makeover....DIY Style

I decided that I'd give my teenage daughter's room a facelift. I didn't want to spend a lot and of course it was going to have as much DIY as possible.
The first thing was cleaning it....
Was it dirty? No
Does my daughter have a ton of stuff? Yes
Did the cat grab my hand while reaching under her bed? Let's just say I'm glad I had just used the restroom, and I'm glad he didn't understand all the foul words that fell out of my mouth.
The walls were already painted turquoise, so I had that started for me....sorta. The problem with the turquoise walls and matching curtains is that her room was "Too Turquoise". The white cathedral ceiling is too high to break it up. So I decided to break it up with some white and silver accents.
I am big on upcycling and DIY. When you've been a military spouse for a million years(ok, it's only been 18) you learn how to pinch a penny till it screams. So there was no way I was going to spend a fortune on this room!
Let's get this show on the road....

So here's a small list of my universal supplies I used with prices:
-1 gallon White Paint and Primer- $29.99, and I still have more then 1/2 left
-1 quart silver paint- I've had this for a few years. I believe it cost me $12
-Left over room paint...I really don't thrown anything out
-Card stock butterflies. When I am working on paper crafts and I have scraps left I use my "Martha" butterfly punch, make some butterflies, and put them aside. This way I'm not wasting paper, waste not want not....says the craft hoarder

Let's start with the DIY Suitcase Vanity:
Vintage blue suitcase -$1.99
Outdoor table- I already owned
Plastic bins and mirror -$3 all together from the dollar store
Velcro- I had on hand along with hook
Total- $4.99

I painted the suitcase and added the initial. I then attached it to the table with a bolt... Can you imagine if I didn't and this spilled everywhere? Ugh! I attached the mirror to the top with some "Fusion" adhesive.

Cost -$35.99
I used the white paint and butterflies to cover the dresser and the silver paint to repaint the handles.
Total -$35.99

The butterflies were painted over so they were a subtle touch.... I didn't want them to be very dominant. Can you sorta see them?

Mirror -$1. Garage sale find! Was used as a coat rack by the entry way, they used tea hooks instead of big hooks so I just unscrewed them and sat them aside.
I used the butterflies a little more boldly on this.
I sanded the wood, glued the butterflies on, painted it white, then rubbed some of the room paint on it to "Distress" it a little and make the butterflies "pop" more
Total cost

Confused Pomeranian not included.

Wall grouping
First off I had to paint the tree, I felt the room needed it. It would be nice if it had silver leaves! I misplaced my silver's still MIA. When I find it, this tree will have it's leaves!
Frames- .49 at thrift store. They are wood so it made it easier to sand and paint
Metal clock face and heart-$1.99 each at thrift store. They were black so they had to be primed first.... And yes I did fix the clock face after the pic. Lol.
Total -$6.92

The nightstand used to be our end table so I already had that
I sanded the wood, painted it white, added the butterflies to the inside of the shade, and used some scrap sheer material under the glass.
Cost.... Nothing

Last but not least...because it's my favorite....
The desk!
She had one of those plain industrial looking black and silver Walmart desks. It cost like $20 I think. It really didn't match her room, plus she likes to draw and write a lot and there was no room on it for that.
I found this 2 piece set at the thrift store for $39.99. It had permanent marker all over it, the back of the bookcase was gouged in a few spots, there was a whopping hole in the bookcase back, the paint was peeling off,....
However it is solid wood, I loved the style, and it fit her needs.
I sanded the whole thing, painted it white, painted the handles turquoise, and used the turquoise paint as the accent around the trim and carved accents. I had some cork that I was using for coasters and covered the hole while making it useful. I also had an extra dry erase board in my craft room so I added that. I'm going to make her a different dry erase that's only temporary.
Total cost...factoring in the cork which cost me $12 for the roll... $45

And there you have it!
Is it done yet? No, and that's half the fun.
Have any questions or if you know where that damn silver paint is leave a comment!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My brick and mortar store concept.... Full description

So it occurred to me that I've been dancing around the description of my shop proposal. It's not a secret.....anymore. I did want to keep it quiet until I met with the Uptown Committee and presented it to them. Since I've done that already let me explain to you what I envision...
1. Obviously selling my handmade items. I want to be able to start selling bigger items like furniture. I'd also do a in shop discount for donated items like furniture.

2. I'll take some commissions.... But not a lot, maybe 5 items or so. They would get 30 days, then the remaining items would need to be changed out. If none of the items sell they'd need to step down and let somebody else have an opportunity. This way I can keep things fresh and new.

3. Classes in the evening! Woohoo! I want to try and have classes taught by different instructors in the evening hours a couple times a month. So if you are interested in teaching, and I get this shop, let me know! The only thing is I don't want to step on local businesses who teach quilting classes, so there won't be any of those.....unless you take it to a different level like Steampunk, Kawaii, Goth,......

4. "Stitch and Bitch" area... I can't knit or crochet but I'd like to have an area where local yarn heads can get together come in kick back and do their thing.

5. The biggest thing....... A "Teen Sew Area". I'd supply the materials and machines, they'd be able to make items to sell splitting the profits 50/50 with the shop itself. I think it's a great creative outlet, teaches them pricing and marketing, and gives them an opportunity to make some money. Now this is where I'm going to have to call out to the community and ask for donations like old sewing machines, notions, material, upcyclable material,..... These type of items get donated to the local thrift stores daily...maybe I can convince some people to bring these items to the shop....hopefully.....

So there it is, my shop concept. So wish me luck, hopefully I get approved from the Uptown Committee and I can start moving forward! If all goes well, it looks like I'd be opening in June...I hope.