Thursday, May 24, 2012

Keeping Busy in The Hoard

So I made a ton of scrap head pieces….I used scraps from the pillowcase tops and the halter tops I made a little while ago and leather.

I found the leather at the Goodwill. Big bags of Industrial scrap leather for $5 a bag! I bought them(all of them, there was like 5-6 bags) before I had a use for them.  I do this a lot……you can imagine why I call my studio “The Hoard”


So following in line with my Craft Hoarding comes these totes…… They were on clearance at Walmart. How I thought of the “Chalkboard paint on the totes” thing? I have no freaking idea. But it works and is awesome! I added the lining in it with a small pouch for your chalk. I kept these kinda PG rated, but imagine all the naughty fun you can have!



And finally a double doozie. I made the rings from erasers. And the ring display is from a vintage lingerie organizer(.50 score), toilet paper rolls, and some fabric.


So now I’m going to work on something else from this giant list that I must get done before the Make Fair next month….wow…..

1 Skirts
3. Dog beds
4. 30+ more pillowcase tops
5. 10 more halter tops
6. Planters
7. Resin jewelry
8. Vintage sheet bags
9. Some wood plaques
10. 14 Baseball hats
11. Jewelry
12. Furniture projects


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