Friday, November 2, 2012

How to find craft shows to sell your goods at

Crafters can be so secretive about craft shows, it drives me crazy!
Because we are a military family we move every 3 years. And every move I go searching for craft shows to sell at. I've tried asking fellow crafters about shows in the area and usually I get the silent treatment. I was doing a show once and to craft vendors were talking about some great show they were going to do right in front of my booth. So I asked about it.... They looked at me and walked away! I wasn't surprised, but a little angry. I saw their booths, we didn't even sell the same things! But that's the way it goes... You are competition and they don't want you there....period.
So after years of dealing with this nonsense I came up with my own strategy for finding shows.
Here it is!

1. If you have an Etsy, try joining a local team. I joined the Montana Team, that's how I found out about the MADE fair in Missoula.
2. Craigslist- Arts and Crafts for sale section, not the Craft discussion area. A lot of times your churches and schools that do craft shows will look for vendors there. Fellow crafters may not want you there, but the people running the shows do!
3. Craft stores. Best to ask an employee when it's kinda slow in the store. Sometimes it's a hit or miss...
4. Newspaper classifieds online. I would look for "Vendors" on the search.
5. Look for Farmer's Markets in your area. A lot of them allow Handmade crafts.
6. has a section called "City Happenings". Love that section! That's where I found a lot of shows when we were stationed in Florida

I hope this helps and you can find some leads to shows.
If you run a craft show or know of craft shows in your area with contact info message me on Facebook and I'll share the info!

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  1. You have all the info on the mall one.....or should have!!