Sunday, February 10, 2013

My brick and mortar store concept.... Full description

So it occurred to me that I've been dancing around the description of my shop proposal. It's not a secret.....anymore. I did want to keep it quiet until I met with the Uptown Committee and presented it to them. Since I've done that already let me explain to you what I envision...
1. Obviously selling my handmade items. I want to be able to start selling bigger items like furniture. I'd also do a in shop discount for donated items like furniture.

2. I'll take some commissions.... But not a lot, maybe 5 items or so. They would get 30 days, then the remaining items would need to be changed out. If none of the items sell they'd need to step down and let somebody else have an opportunity. This way I can keep things fresh and new.

3. Classes in the evening! Woohoo! I want to try and have classes taught by different instructors in the evening hours a couple times a month. So if you are interested in teaching, and I get this shop, let me know! The only thing is I don't want to step on local businesses who teach quilting classes, so there won't be any of those.....unless you take it to a different level like Steampunk, Kawaii, Goth,......

4. "Stitch and Bitch" area... I can't knit or crochet but I'd like to have an area where local yarn heads can get together come in kick back and do their thing.

5. The biggest thing....... A "Teen Sew Area". I'd supply the materials and machines, they'd be able to make items to sell splitting the profits 50/50 with the shop itself. I think it's a great creative outlet, teaches them pricing and marketing, and gives them an opportunity to make some money. Now this is where I'm going to have to call out to the community and ask for donations like old sewing machines, notions, material, upcyclable material,..... These type of items get donated to the local thrift stores daily...maybe I can convince some people to bring these items to the shop....hopefully.....

So there it is, my shop concept. So wish me luck, hopefully I get approved from the Uptown Committee and I can start moving forward! If all goes well, it looks like I'd be opening in June...I hope.


  1. Love it and excited to be a part of it :-)

  2. One Question Do you have a Spare Bedroom?? I Love the the sound of your Shop so much I am going to have to Move to the US lmao. ;) I'm all the way in Australia so I'm very Jealous and I would love to shop in you're store You have some Awesome Ideas Cheers from OZ Kylie ;)