Saturday, June 15, 2013

Making everything old new again...then old again?

Seriously how crazy is this. 
You acquire something old and worn down
Clean it and restore it
Paint it and make it look like new
Then take a sander to it to age it again?
But man do I love the look.
Take this heavy wood display thingie I found
It appears to have been a display... I think. Maybe for knick-knacks? But I like it because it was a good solid piece. And then it sat in my studio...then my jeep....then my shop...then in my jeep...then back in my studio...then back to my shop. Why? Because I couldn't figure out what to do with it!
And then it hit me...
Technically I hit it...with a hammer! I knocked out the back, which was particle board. 
I sanded it, painted it brown again, and then sanded it down again.... 
Added legs and made a cushion from some foam and a old burlap coffee sack I had.
And what did I make?
What do you think?

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