Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ditched the kids and visited a ghost town with my hubby

 Mike and I decided to take a day for ourselves and go visit the ghost town Bannack, Montana.


Bannack is a different kind of ghost town..... you don't have guided tours and you don't have restrictions. It's a "Go do what you want" kind of place... what that means is you get to look at all the old buildings at your own pace with no restrictions.
We also managed to get there during Bannack days so there was shopping too!
A little to pricey for slippers for me....But they were so soft!
Mike was running around looking at all the attractions...What's the point of having actors in a ghost town if you don't have a shoot out on Main St.
Me I was more interested in the architecture

The day ended with the jail
and me locking Mike in there
Then a quick stop and the cemetary right outside the town

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