Friday, July 6, 2012

Why I'll never be a Storage Wars Mogul

So as many of you know I bought a storage unit straight up, no auction.
I had tried an auction before before but I was totally unprepared for the prices. Not one sold for under $1,000! I don't mind gambling but no way that was going to happen.
I saw this unit up for sale on craigslist and figured I'd give it a shot. $100 and he let me look in there.... But not open anything. When I jumped on it I thought for sure that my husband was going to die.
This was a 10X13 unit filled with.... everything. I saw money, my husband realized his garage was gone... And it is... for now....temporarily... I hope.
The guy who owned the unit was into wood and furniture repair. And collecting every nut and screw he could find. This unit was like a onion, I kept peeling back layer after layer and finding the strangest stuff. Thank God the guy gave us 5 days instead the usual 24 hrs. It's day 4 and we've(my son and I) moved all the good stuff to the garage, made 6 trips to the dump, and we have 2 more trips to go ...tomorrow.
So here's some pics of my finds... and my poor husbands 2 story 2 car garage that I've taken over. Next step try and figure out some of these things, clean them, and Etsy some upcycle the rest... But not tonight.... Tonight mango margaritas are calling my name

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