Saturday, August 18, 2012

Filled out my MADE application, so send me some positive vibes

Getting accepted into big craft shows always makes me nervous....I'm not the type of person that likes putting my art out to be judged. I never think it's good enough and I always second guess my choices. So now I'll wait till October's not even September yet. Yikes.
Hopefully I'll get in because I would love an excuse to make a holiday dress for my new manniquin!
She's a 70's mannequin I did a repaint on...her name is.............Bitch Pudding!


  1. fingers crossed for you =) im sure theyll accept you, you make awesome stuff

  2. hey kim, i cam by to tell you i am passing the liebster blog award on to you. i am not sure if you technically qualified for having <200 followers but i figured screw it, i love your blog. anyhow, visit my post for the rules and so you can pass it on to other bloggers
    thanks for all you share
    lily bean

  3. You are such a sweetie! Thanks doll!