Saturday, August 11, 2012

One of the things that makes me Twisted Crafts.... the fact that I don't box myself into one genre or medium. I sew, paint, sculpt, woodwork, make jewelry,.... and in every genre Steampunk, Gothic, Rockabilly, Traditional,....
Here's some of my newest pieces....and I'm not going to lie. I love them! If I do say so myself.
I made these from antique wood and antique hardware salvaged from homes and furniture found here in Butte. I used boiled Linseed oil to preserve the wood but not change it in anyway. I left the paint and finish on as much as I could.
 I did use some new elements like hooks and upholstery tacks, but the leather itself for the sunglasses holders is salvaged too....just not old.
These will all be available at the Butte's Farmer's Market on August 18th!
The pics...well...the pics got a little funky sometime and I have no idea why. Oh well.
Look at this beautiful old hook!



  1. I seen some over at craftster, I love these...

  2. Hello,
    Wow, small world, Im in PA but my parents and brother lives in Fairfield! Anyways I have a question for you about the door knobs. I am decorating my sewing room in yard sticks as a wainscotting. I would like to place some yard sticks horizontal about at the 6 foot high level and add door knobs. but I do not know how. I only have the door knobs not the metal part that screws to the door. do you have any ideas??

  3. To be honest the plates behind the knobs just look pretty.. They don't serve a purpose when holding the knobs on at all! What I did is took a two part metal epoxy putty(you can get it at your hardware store) mixed it and filled the knobs. Now you can either wait till it sets, it sets super fast, and drill a screw into into to secure it to the wall or work super fast and have the screw in the wall already fill the knob then attach it.