Monday, December 10, 2012

Craft Show Fun With Twisted Crafts

Now that we're home and unloaded from The MADE Holiday Bazaar yesterday I want to share some experiences that you may or may not find amusing and informative.
1. I am by no means a morning person. I verge on a wee bit cranky, and big shows make me nervous. So when I walked up to my booth to set up and realized my booth spot was 1/2 of what it was supposed to be. I did a whole panic thing, which set Mike off to go find somebody to fix it. The lady in the booth next to me was attempting to soothe me "Oh, is your booth to small?" and "Is in not as big as you thought?". She had no idea that Mike went to go get help.
When one of the sweet gals that run the show came to assist me, we found our problem. My "Soother" was 1/2 way in my booth! The floor was taped off and she thought that her spot was too small and went over the tape..... A lot!...... She wasn't too happy when I made her move to the tape line.

2. When you can't see the entrance to the show and the people running the show yell "5 minute warning". Take heed. I was fighting with stuffie placement when I turned to see the giant wave of people running in the room I was in. It looked like a Black Friday mob. I was a little caught off guard.

3. People love to take pictures, I don't even think twice. I know that some are taking the pictures to copy my ideas. I'm not stupid, it happens. But the women with the professional camera and set up probably wasn't. And I really should have paused while helping a customer to ask why she was..... When I turned to ask, she was gone.

4. Did I mention how packed and crowded it was? I really should have scoped out the restrooms before hand. Trying to get through a crowd after having 4 cups of coffee and a bottle of water was unpleasant. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking I might have been doing the "Potty Dance" when I reached it.

5. I've got to tell you... Craft Shows that have a wait staff coming to your booth to take your lunch order is freaking amazing.

6. Being able to take credit card sales now is awesome. Sometimes the card reader on my phone is a wee bit particular. It tells me to "Swipe Faster", I wish it came with a net to catch the cards that fling out of my hand when I comply.

7. I thought I had stepped up my display....Dude..... I'm still not there. There were people with antique dining room tables, bookcases, WALLS! Seriously WALLs! I still have a ways to go.

8. If you're going to shoot me dirty looks from you're booth I am going to smile, point it out to my hubby, and we are going to mock you...and laugh...and laugh. Hey, I'm a bitch and you're crate corner was in my space and we kept bumping it. So Mike "helped" you keep it in your spot. Believe it or not, that was the other side of me.

9. We borrowed my mom's collapsable dolly/hand cart thingie. She ain't ever getting that back! Those are sweet! You should so get one.

10. Lastly... I really should have kept better track of what I sold that is currently in my Etsy. I now have to take inventory before I open my shop....I hate inventory...

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