Sunday, December 16, 2012

I need to make room and Christmas is around the corner!

I need room on my giant earring display..... It's too crowded. So I'm giving away 2 sets of 6 feather earrings.
We'll call them set 1 and 2....
How do you win them?
Well it's fairly simple..... It's going to be a scavenger hunt of sorts....
Go to my Etsy shop
And try and guess what item is the top viewed item for today.
Here's what you'll do
1. Hit "Like" on the item so it posts to your Facebook page or copy and paste it if you don't have an Etsy account.
2. Tag Twisted Crafts Fanpage in the comments of said item so I know you did it.
3. Come over here and leave a post with your name and answer. And be specific...and if you're afraid to be specific, copy and paste it in the comments with your name. This way I know who guessed it first!
If you've guessed the first or second item the earrings are yours! You can only win one set!
That's it. You'll win 6 pairs of earrings free! And I'll ship them tomorrow so you can hopefully have them by Christmas.
I'm taking the screen shot now, so I won't forget....and you'll know I didn't cheat!

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